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Web 2.0 basics and transition

After a few articles about communication campaigns around teaching jobs, I come back here with one of the theme I have been blogging quite a lot in the beginning of the year : corporate blogging and podcasting.

  • corp_blog_guideHere is a very comprehensive document giving the basics about corporate blogging and this will definitely be very useful to start blogging in organizations … like mine ;-)
  • You could also add the following step by step guide about podcasting which will give you a good view of podcast production (plan, produce, publish, promote your podcast).

Then, generally about web 2.0, on ReadWriteWeb Bernard Lunn wrote an interesting article called « mapping the current web transition » which puts the current evolution of the Internet in a historical perspective. It seems we are now deeply merged into web 2.5… a transition between « old » web 2.0 and web 3.0…

Take time to read this article’s comments… they are real adds-on to the reflection about web 3.0 … 4.0…. and more…

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Future of web 3.0

pew_internetA survey of internet leaders, activists and analysts by Pew Internet & American Life Project gives a good insight in the future of the web 3.0, to follow-up on the web trends 2009 I already wrote about.

Here are the key findings on the survey of experts by the Pew Internet & American Life Project that asked respondents to assess predictions about technology and its roles in the year 2020:

  • The mobile device will be the primary connection tool to the internet for most people in the world in 2020.
  • The transparency of people and organizations will increase, but that will not necessarily yield more personal integrity, social tolerance, or forgiveness.
  • Voice recognition and touch user-interfaces with the internet will be more prevalent and accepted by 2020.
  • Those working to enforce intellectual property law and copyright protection will remain in a continuing arms race, with the crackers who will find ways to copy and share content without payment.
  • The divisions between personal time and work time and between physical and virtual reality will be further erased for everyone who is connected, and the results will be mixed in their impact on basic social relations.
  • Next-generation engineering of the network to improve the current internet architecture is more likely than an effort to rebuild the architecture from scratch.
  • Among these, I like the way the authors of the report pointed out the fact that the technological evolution will not bring more social tolerance by itself. Hopefully, this will be backed up by more social evolution that will help us use these tools for the benefit of many…
    Besides, personal time and work time or physical and virtual reality tend to merge in the analysts’ prediction. What will it change in our present interactions with our work environment and colleagues ? or what will it mean in the way we deal with our friends and family ?
    I’d say that we are facing very exciting times ahead but let’s hope we will be sensible enough not to spoil it all :-)
    However, I must say I’m quite confident in this future… Americans elected Obama after all… my kids are greener than I ever was… and snow is still falling in winter… in Switzerland  !
    Happy New Year !

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    Web trends in 2009

    Approaching the end of the year, many blogs and pages are dedicated to reading trends for the near future…

    Among the recurrent themes we can read about :

    • The web on mobile phones (more and more pages designed for mobiles)
    • Online marketing (how will it be affected by financial breakdown…)
    • Social media evolution
    • Personalization of web experience
    • User generated content (crowdsourcing)

    Some of the following articles are interesting in that perspective :


    Finally, a powerpoint presentation on slideshare from Mary Meeker on internet/technology trends:

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