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Web 2.0 basics and transition

After a few articles about communication campaigns around teaching jobs, I come back here with one of the theme I have been blogging quite a lot in the beginning of the year : corporate blogging and podcasting.

  • corp_blog_guideHere is a very comprehensive document giving the basics about corporate blogging and this will definitely be very useful to start blogging in organizations … like mine ;-)
  • You could also add the following step by step guide about podcasting which will give you a good view of podcast production (plan, produce, publish, promote your podcast).

Then, generally about web 2.0, on ReadWriteWeb Bernard Lunn wrote an interesting article called « mapping the current web transition » which puts the current evolution of the Internet in a historical perspective. It seems we are now deeply merged into web 2.5… a transition between « old » web 2.0 and web 3.0…

Take time to read this article’s comments… they are real adds-on to the reflection about web 3.0 … 4.0…. and more…


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2009 social media marketing and PR

If you seriously think of compressing your marketing and communication budget, you have to read Marketing Sherpa’s 2009 Social Media Marketing & PR Benchmark Guide (executive summary in pdf)!

Well, if there are things you may know about the use of social media in PR and marketing, you may find some of the conclusions interesting (look at the charts) :





So, now you are ready to train everyone in the office to use social media efficiently for the greater good of your organization, aren’t you?! However, you might discover that most of them already use them… everyday at work… without telling you :-)

But, if you want to stick to that old traditional website of yours, at least read Yann Gourvennec’s article on the 15 golden rules for web 2.0 websites… it may help…

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Web 2.0 and social networking digest

Reading an article by George Siemens (Making Sense Of New Technologies And Media: An Opinionated Digest) I found some parts of his digest quite interesting :

  • Being Nomad : he reports about an article published in The Economist which asks the question about the reality of « being here » vs « being connected ». The paradox is quite interesting to read about and gives a hint of what our future could be like, and how it may change the way we talk about communication…
  • How much time does Web 2.0 take? : I never really thought about it but this article tries to quantify different web 2.0 activities. Maybe, I should ask myself the question after reading this : how much time can I afford communicating on the web?
  • The future of social networking : or how our mobile devices will help us remember distant friends or relatives
  • Here is also a great presentation about social networking (E-business presentation) which will be a good counterpart to the article above.

    Besides, you may find the following articles quite complementary to previous posts about corporate blogging:

  • Examples of great company blogs
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    Webilus – carte (postale) du web

    Suite à un article dans le Matin Dimanche (coup de coeur) je me suis amusé à surfer sur un site qui décoiffe le web : WEBILUS

    Truffé d’illustrations qui permettent d’appréhender l’univers du web 2.0 de manière ludique et efficace ! Un petit détour dans les rubriques suivantes s’imposent :

    Dans le même esprit, Common craft a choisi d’expliquer des choses compliquées de manière simple… et c’est assez concluant.
    Une caméra, un marker, quelques bouts de papier et c’est le concept de social networking qui devient évident… par exemple!
    Je cours montrer ça à ma femme :-)

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    User generated content – Communication & marketing 2.0

    Having written a few posts about the media revolution and different aspects of user generated content (real or fake competition for journalists and media firms ?), I have found a few references about direct implications in marketing and communication… Here is a short list of a few pages :

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