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Tonight is your answer…

Yes we can… Change is happening…obama

All right, I must say this was a great victory speech on election day and another lesson in communication skills. I have to admit that Barack Obama can make us dream of a brighter future for the US and certainly other parts of the world… Great words that touched the heart…

That’s the perfect end of a campaign dedicated to storytelling. Indeed, both Obama and Mc Cain relied a lot on building great stories that could speak to America’s heart. The War Hero vs the Black Son of the World (Kenya, Hawaï, USA…). Even Sarah Palin had her part in this story telling contest but she obviously lost in the game.

But the most difficult part now will be to meet these great expectations embeded in the story (stories?) we all dream of !

So, congratulations Mr. Obama… and GOOD LUCK (you’ll need it) !

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