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Social network marketing

imedia_connectionIn his post on May 7th Tom Hespos reminds us how social network naturally build themselves around social influencers. For example, I know that, lately, I’ve been relying on my friends’ opinion and advice before buying a new CD or going to watch a movie… like many others…

The biggest challenge for a communicator or a marketer is then to reach those influencers where they are… within their network, in order to reach the whole network…

Well, well… it is not as easy at it seems… right !?

In that perspective Denise Zimmerman‘s post, published a day before, cannot be ignored. 4 signs you’re a social media failure decribes how marketing in the world of social networks can be difficult. Examples of great companies which failed to reach their marketing goals through social media advertising or branding are here to remind us how important it is to « Plan for success, prepare for failure« , as Denise Zimmermann puts it.

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Network against crisis

Going through a Trendsspotting presentation on Slideshare about social media influencers’ predictions for 2009, I would like to focus on Dr. Taly Weiss first slide (Nb 17 in the presentation) :talyweiss_socialtrends2009

I personally like the idea that, in time of crisis, the only way to make it through is to be part of a community. Not only Social Network will provide social support to victims of the crisis, just like any human communities have been doing for ages, but I believe it is now possible to rely on a powerful multi-network support to find opportunities and relief.

Think how helpful your LinkedIn and Facebook network can be to find a new job, a new appartement or a new training opportunity, but also how websites like the Swiss-French can help connect people willing not to spend too much money… This crisis, like the next ones, is a great chance to create interest and opportunity based networks to be stronger in difficult times. And maybe, social networking will not seem so superficial to some people after all :-)

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