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When teaching might be an option

nytIn times of depression, some jobs may look more attractive than others. In fact, I don’t know many people right now boasting about their new job in finance or in banking… they rather try to hide right now…
By the way, I remember a time… not so old… when it was almost a shame to say I was teacher… even worse, claiming to be part of the public administration (even though I don’t hear many teachers claiming to be part of a governmental structure :-).

On April 11th, STEVE LOHR wrote an article about that in the New York Times acknowledging the fact that new graduate students are now considering public careers with a little less disdain… an even interest !
tforaAs I wrote before, I’m convinced these crisis days are days of opportunities to recruit valuable teacher for our school system… So let’s work on it and let’s make those kind of careers attractive, like « Teach for America » did, for example.

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Recruiting teachers

Here is a short post to summarize two previous articles about teacher recruitment in the Canton of Vaud, in Switzerland. At the moment, I am working on a communication strategy which is intended to improve teacher recruitment. We know that, in the next 10 to 15 years, 30 to 50% of the teachers presently working in our school system will retire.
ocde_edu_teacher_frIn many countries in Europe or among members of the OECD, the concern about teacher recruitment is important.

Some countries handling the same kind of issue already built successful campaigns, like in the United Kingdom for example :

nswIn Australie, in New South Wales, teacher recruitment is also a concern which has been successfully addressed by the government and the teaching job webpage is very comprehensive.

As far as our Education department is concerned, we prepared a stand at a student fair in Lausanne in March and re-designed our teaching job opportunities webpages. We also started a partnership with a major employment web platform to gain visbility for our job offers.

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