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Web 2.0 and social networking digest

Reading an article by George Siemens (Making Sense Of New Technologies And Media: An Opinionated Digest) I found some parts of his digest quite interesting :

  • Being Nomad : he reports about an article published in The Economist which asks the question about the reality of « being here » vs « being connected ». The paradox is quite interesting to read about and gives a hint of what our future could be like, and how it may change the way we talk about communication…
  • How much time does Web 2.0 take? : I never really thought about it but this article tries to quantify different web 2.0 activities. Maybe, I should ask myself the question after reading this : how much time can I afford communicating on the web?
  • The future of social networking : or how our mobile devices will help us remember distant friends or relatives
  • Here is also a great presentation about social networking (E-business presentation) which will be a good counterpart to the article above.

    Besides, you may find the following articles quite complementary to previous posts about corporate blogging:

  • Examples of great company blogs
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