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Think future

… or think different ;-) in the future…

You may have come across this excellent presentation by Karl Fisch, teacher in Arapahoe High School : Did you Know?

But there’s more to it… much more ! As Karl Fisch present it on his blog « The Fischbowl », this presentation is part of a trilogy about a broad reflection on our future. In 2020 Vision, the world of education has deeply changed to a real interactive and technological world. His vision is quite exciting (even if everything is centered on the power of Google to make things happen… and as far as I’m concerned, I dream of more diversity of impulsions…) as Karl Fisch dream of us reaching a global networked community of friendship and sharing of knowledge (too optimistic you said ?!… come on… « Imagine all the people… »)!

Great vision and great enthusiasm that I’m willing to share with you!

But there’s still more :

Take some time to visit the shifthappens wikispace which will give you keys to use the Did you Know? presentation and continue the conversation about it.

Take the tour ! It’s worth it !

And as Asia once sang « Only time will tell » :-)

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