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Blogging to change

Exploring the relevance of corporate blogging in (big) organizations, I found a few articles linking John P. Kotter’s great book « leading change » and the use of blogs to support change.

As John Kotter writes « Managers under-communicate, and often not by a small amount. Or they inadvertently send inconsistent messages. » Moreover, one of the eight step to succeed in leading change is the following :

Communicate the visionleading-change

  • Use every possible means to communicate the new vision and strategies
  • Teach new behaviors using the example of the guiding coalition team

Even if « teaching new behaviors » in not really in the two-way conversation mode, sharing the vision and strategies can definitely be done efficiently by using corporate blogs.

Coca Cola in 2006, in which blogging is used to support organization change and to promote its vision and mission through dialogue with its employees, is often given as an example, but I’m interested in discussing with anyone who experienced blogging in his working environment. Indeed, I’m trying to promote such a tool in the public administration I’m working in :-)…

Well, we’ve done already a bit of the road to collaboration with the setting up of a wiki (not totally open… I’m afraid… but that’s a start !) and I’m looking forward to seeing other moves toward the use of blogs… Maybe before the next century !

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