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Super humans with micro chips in their body ?

This morning, listening to the first speech (Kevin Warwick, the British « cyborg » researcher who implanted a microchip in his body will tell us about his pioneering experiments), we hear that the human body will be able to extend for thousand of km around the world using the web. With a chip in his nervous system, Kevin Warwick actually was able to transmit electrical pulses on the web to make a robot move the same way on the other side of the Altantic. He did the same with his wife and they were able to experience in their brain what the other one was doing with his arm ! That sounds quite exciting knowing that the next step is to try doing the same thing with a chip directly set into the brain…

This is intended to do researches to help people suffering from brain diseases or missing limbs, but, as Kevin Warwich put it, it could open new perspectives to communication between human beings : what do you think of communicating emotions, feelings, thoughts directly to the other’s brain ?
I don’t know if I like the idea, right now, but it sounds quite exciting…

Anyway, we come back to yesterday’s speech about lies… How will it be possible to be « creatively » lying if anybody can read my thoughts :-) ?

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