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Plan to communicate in 2009 and beyond

Obviously, Twitter and social media monopolize communication blog posts these days…

imedia_connectionLately, three posts about communication planning and strategy caught my eye. They were all dealing, in some ways, with the Twitter effect on marketing and communication.

First, Sean Cheyney writes about The 5 newest interactive trends: How will they affect you? and explains how Twitter can be really interesting to do some branding. He also deals with how social media affects organizations’ communication reminding us about Domino’s Pizza late case.

Then, Evan Gerber wonders How to succeed across the social media spectrum…  He warns marketers and communicators about the fact that using social media to communicate is not as easy at it seems… Failures can do a lot of harm as they keep bouncing back to you on the web for years afterwards…  He highlights the three following points :

  • Pick channels with built-in controls and monitor your message to see where it goes
  • Create messages that can be easily shared or retweeted, ensuring consistency
  • Smaller, dedicated social nets can be used to test marketing messages

To complete this overview, you may find interesting to read about communication planning mistakes : 6 stupid media planning mistakes
By Jim Meskauskas
. This post gives a good reminder of some basic principles of planning and communication strategy. In that respect, I find the following quote relevant about social media :

When putting together a media or marketing plan, be sure you’ve enabled the audience speak and that you are equipped to hear. But also differentiate your placements accordingly. Some should be for talking, others for listening. Not all media vehicles or the environments within them are suited for each — some are suited for both. For example, search or a resource tool is for talking; social networking sites are a great place for listening; a blog can be good for both. But the creative brought to bear will tease out which can be used for what. Few media plans are so huge that you can’t determine which is which in time for a plan’s launch.

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Social network marketing

imedia_connectionIn his post on May 7th Tom Hespos reminds us how social network naturally build themselves around social influencers. For example, I know that, lately, I’ve been relying on my friends’ opinion and advice before buying a new CD or going to watch a movie… like many others…

The biggest challenge for a communicator or a marketer is then to reach those influencers where they are… within their network, in order to reach the whole network…

Well, well… it is not as easy at it seems… right !?

In that perspective Denise Zimmerman‘s post, published a day before, cannot be ignored. 4 signs you’re a social media failure decribes how marketing in the world of social networks can be difficult. Examples of great companies which failed to reach their marketing goals through social media advertising or branding are here to remind us how important it is to « Plan for success, prepare for failure« , as Denise Zimmermann puts it.

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Good communication through email

In times when communication budgets are shrinking and everyone is thinking how to communicate efficiently without any money left… using emails could again be a good alternative for communicators and marketers.

However, everyone knows from having to go through tons of emails every day, that it is difficult to be actually read!

imedia_connectionRyan Buchanan from iMedia connection recently wrote a very comprehensive article about 11 email design best practices. Among these useful tips are different advices about email layout (think of your users reading mails on their mobile phones for example, or of those who do not display images… by choice or not…), but I especially liked the part about building the message …

Besides, you may find interesting to go through Silverpop‘s slides about Email Marketing Trends 2009 below :

More to read about emails :

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2009 social media marketing and PR

If you seriously think of compressing your marketing and communication budget, you have to read Marketing Sherpa’s 2009 Social Media Marketing & PR Benchmark Guide (executive summary in pdf)!

Well, if there are things you may know about the use of social media in PR and marketing, you may find some of the conclusions interesting (look at the charts) :





So, now you are ready to train everyone in the office to use social media efficiently for the greater good of your organization, aren’t you?! However, you might discover that most of them already use them… everyday at work… without telling you :-)

But, if you want to stick to that old traditional website of yours, at least read Yann Gourvennec’s article on the 15 golden rules for web 2.0 websites… it may help…

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Anyone writing posts or working on website pages knows how difficult it is to be heard on the web… In Cyberspace, no one can hear you blog… if you do not understand how search engines work nowadays.

Thus, you will probably find website about search engine optimization very helpful. Through explicit infographics, the complexity of the web is made clear. You may find interesting to have a look at :

And, more in a marketing and communication perspective :

black_hatBesides, reading Slightly Shady SEO’s blog will give you another point of view at Search Engine Optimization (SEO)… and, for example, what Google does with all the users’ data collected through searches…

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Pendant un court moment de disponibilité, j’ai commencé la lecture d’un excellent livre de Christian Salmon à propos du « storytelling » (voir aussi son article dans le Monde Diplomatique). Celui-ci traite des différentes techniques inspirées des « raconteurs d’histoire » (griots, gourous, troubadours…) qui, depuis la nuits des temps, permettent d’élaborer une communication efficace qui implique l’auditeur ou le lecteur. Même si le storytelling est récent en tant que concept marketing et communication (ah, ces américains… ils prétendent même avoir inventé la pizza :-)), raconter de bonnes histoires pour faire passer un message percutant et marquer les mémoires ne date pas d’hier.Storytelling par Ch. Salmon

Le livre de Christian Salmon est néanmoins intéressant dans la mesure où il illustre extrêmement bien comment ces techniques ont été utilisées récemment en politique par certains pensionnaires de la Maison Blanche (ou par un certain président français en fonction), dans la gestion RH, dans la communication ou dans le marketing.

A ce propos, je me demande si dans certains milieux très exposés aux critiques comme l’école et les banques, il ne faudrait pas réinventer des histoires que les gens ont envie d’écouter et auxquelles ils peuvent s’identifier… On ne peut pas hurler au loup constamment en espérant que les gens aient envie de croire en vous !

Pour prolonger le sujet :

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Marketing and social media

Just a few words about two studies that I found quite relevant on marketing and social media, in relation with previous posts :

SocialMedia Network’s CEO, Seth Goldstein, made a rather audacious statement at the IAB Social Media conference today: “Social Media is killing internet advertising”.

This gives a good idea of how social media change the way marketing works on the internet and how we don’t address people the same way on Facebook than on traditional websites (advertising loudness). A chart of the evolution of online advertising is quite interesting in that perspective.

Besides, an article (in French) describes how Hublot (Swiss watch brand) entered Second Life and how marketing on a virtual island is not always a success if you really didn’t think about the concept…
After a year of presence on Second Life, the journalist’s report about Hublot’s virtual position is not very positive. Obviously the watch industry’s First Life is a lot more exciting than its Second One :-)

One last link : seven tips to succeed with advertising campaign on the web (in French)

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