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How about Government 2.0?

liftAt Lift conference, Olivier Glassey gave a talk about eGovernment on the open stage. As an employee in public administration, I was interested by his point of view on what web 2.0 can impact a government’s action… Here are a short summary of suggested ideas :

When talking about functions of the state, what are we looking at?
– sovereignty, welfare, education, economic development

In the recent past, governments used technology to do : Electronic Data processing, Performance Management, Web 1.0 / online content and eServices Delivery… Well, doing the same thing as usual… but online…

Right now… what can we expect from the use of technology in governmental action ?
– Transparency and User experience ? (how to communicate about what judiciary and executive power do…)
– Participation ? (at the legislative level)

So, that’s more about campaigning, lobbying, monitoring, benchmarking, policy making, polling, petitioning… eReferendums and eInitiatives in Switzerland and maybe even a wiki-Constitution in Geneva…

Governement 2.0 is an empty word… it is more about politics 2.0, digital governance, eParticipationnouvo

To see the video of this short presentation: website or ! (open stage – Olivier Glassey)

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My CV in 2020

liftWhile attending Lift conference 2009, I had the opportunity to attend an exciting workshop about reinventing the CV in a Google world.

Charles Nepote who works at gave us a good insight of the question we should ask ourselves for the near future about how our personal data online are available to anyone (and for recruiters, for example).

Below, you’ll find compilation of ideas and questions we shared during the workshop :

Present Environmental trends :

  • Digital identities are part of our lives even if some of us are not aware of that fact (try to Google your name!)
  • Identity has become a public good
  • We live in a world where identities are « user centric » (facebook, linkedin, blog, professional identity…) and reflect parts of our life
  • The matching process of all these scattered information is enhanced through semantic web
  • Can we imagine, in the near future, some crowdsourcing and wikification of CV ?

So, what will a CV look like in 2020? Will it still exist in a form of a specific document? Will it be an agregate a mashup, a matching process of digital data? What information will it contain? (skills, accomplishements, competences, network… ?)

Here are some of Charles Nepote suggestions :

  • Where will this CV be ? : my lifestream, my ePortfolio, our intranet, their mobile, their index, interlinked?
  • How will it be presented ? : Process, Agreggation, Dynamic, Feed, WebID, maps, tags, visual representations, adaptive, contextual, alert processes, will anonymisation be needed ?
    So is CV 2020 just a search result ?
  • Why a CV ? : introduce a relationship, get an interview?

During the conversation between the participants, we also discussed some of the following elements :

  • It is difficult to separate private from personal infos
  • When applying for a job nowadays, is it good or bad that no info can be found on the web about me ? (also problems, sometimes, with outdated information still available on the web…)
  • It seems important to be aware and careful of what you write and put on the web about yourself (difficult sometimes, think of friends. The web has a memory you cannot control
  • Tagging pictures of you on facebook… do you have control over that? Whenever information about you is published on the web, you lose control on it! So why not change identity to write about
  • Everyone has to become his own communication manager… if you don’t want anything to be discovered about you, don’t share it online !
  • At some point, everybody might have bad things about himself on the web… and it will be a matter of balancing what positive and negative elements…id_actives

To read more about this, take time to go through pages like these ones (in French) :

And also :

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