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Should I tweet or should I blog?

Lately, again, I have been wondering how long it would take me to resist falling into twitter… Well, I still don’t know about it even if a few friends have tried really hard to push me into it :-)

Blogging is quite comfortable indeed… this is a format that let me collect and publish info at a (slower) pace I can follow… I realize time cannot be extended if I still want to get some sleep every day…

Then I’m afraid twitter would require more time and things to say and I don’t know if I have some much to share with the world around me… I’ll give it a bit more time before I think again about it…

Meanwhile, I found two excellent posts about new media (and twitter) addiction… and necessity :

Happy new year and let’s be ready for next communication challenges in 2010 !

And, as a starter for 2010, a late version of « le saviez-vous » (in French) about the impact of new technologies in our lives…

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