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Useful resources to start blogging


Before I keep on writing about ways to implement a corporate blog in an organization, I would like to stop to thank a good friend of mine who collected very useful information about this theme. I can only recommend that you take time to go through Stephanie Booth‘s different blogs and especially the following pages covering what I’ve tried to write on in my last posts. Those pages are full of links and meaningful examples :

Besides, I strongly recommend to read through the following articles to complete Stephanie’s posts :

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A matter of trust

According to a 2008 Forrester Research Inc. survey, people don’t trust corporate blogs to get trustworthy information.

The « people I know » or « friends’ friends » network is perceived as being able to deliver quality (credible) news about an organization in the contrary of a business blog.

To change that perception of a PR-written or ghost-written blog  for only marketing purpose, here are a few advices to manage a corporate blog :

  • First, as Dave Kellogg (CEO of Mark Logic Corporation) puts it : go real or go home ! There is not point in pretending blogging if no creativity and a certain degree of freedom of expression is allowed…
  • Then, Josh Catone adds that if you want a real conversation and comments on your blog, don’t just republish press releases, already public news, or strictly business topics related to core product line. I experience it every day in my organization… you rarely find interesting stuff on the internal channel of communication but press releases or administrative (boring) information. This way you won’t find your audience…
  • Josh Catone also specifies that a corporate blog should target customers’ needs (or employees’ needs in the case of an internal blog) and not just the management’s concerns. Besides, corporate blogging should also be part of the corporate culture and everyone should be encouraged to blog in the organization. The type of content which is then published can be a good (and true) reflection of the company’s life and values… and as such, generate a real conversation with its stakeholders.

>> Josh Catone’s 15 Companies That Really Get Corporate Blogging

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