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AdaLovelaceDay – a great woman blogger

Given the opportunity to blog about a woman in technology whom I admire for AdaLovelaceDay, I will try to write a few lines about Stephanie Booth, a now quite renown blogger in Switzerland and beyond…

stephI first met the enthusiastic idealistic pink-haired Stephanie when I was working in a school near Morges in Switzerland. I was teaching English, History and Geography and, as a recruter for my high-school, I was looking for another English teacher. She sent her atypical CV and we decided to meet her with the headmaster. That was a great meeting with her passionate style of answering questions :-). Then, she taught teenagers for two years and that went quite all right… even if some of her students gave her a hard time…

She was the first to introduce a real reflection about the use of blogs in French class in a time when students were starting blogging and teachers didn’t even know what she was talking about… Eventually, she did convinced some of us teachers to have a look at the new media phenomenon… and I started blogging in Feb. 2008 after having attended a workshop on blogs given by Stephanie at Lift !

Now, she’s one of the few professional bloggers in French-speaking Switzerland and is also famous in the blogosphere with her blog – (since 1999!).

Read more about Stephanie’s work on the web :

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Anyone writing posts or working on website pages knows how difficult it is to be heard on the web… In Cyberspace, no one can hear you blog… if you do not understand how search engines work nowadays.

Thus, you will probably find website about search engine optimization very helpful. Through explicit infographics, the complexity of the web is made clear. You may find interesting to have a look at :

And, more in a marketing and communication perspective :

black_hatBesides, reading Slightly Shady SEO’s blog will give you another point of view at Search Engine Optimization (SEO)… and, for example, what Google does with all the users’ data collected through searches…

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La recette d’un bon blog

Dans le soucis constant d’améliorer mon blog et la communication sur laquelle je travaille :-) , la lecture de ces articles écrits par Chris Garrett (consultant en blog et marketing internet) est très riche.
Ce dernier décrit les trois éléments essentiels qui permettent à un blog de « vivre »:

  • contenu – mises à jour régulières, contenu cohérent et attractif…
  • syndication – permettre aux lecteurs d’être informés des mises à jour du blog sans devoir effectuer de régulières visites
  • conversation – commentaires et échanges suite aux différents messages postés sur le blog… ce qui fait l’intérêt de l’interaction avec les lecteurs.

L’article développe ces aspects et précise en quoi chacune de ces dimensions peut clairement multiplier l’intérêt du blog!

Autre article du même auteur :

Un excellent complément à ces articles est certainement la présentation powerpoint consacrée à la définition des blogs et de la blogosphère par Bonnie Shucha (University of Wisconsin).

Bonne lecture !

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