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New forms of collaboration in a working environment

(Holm Friebe from the socialistic-capitalist joint-venture Zentrale Intelligenz Agentur in Berlin : new forms of cooperation and collaborative work in todays’ society -> The Hedonistic Company)

The seven NO rule :
No office (very informal places of work, sometimes working together, sometimes not…), no employees, no fixed costs, no pitches, no exclusivity (the company doesn’t own your whole life work), no working hours (you can work any time during the day, from whereever you are), no bullshit.

The work-work balance rule :
Balance between commercial and creative work, between work for clients and test projects designed for no one in particular.

The instant gratification rule :
use money as incentive, distribute profit, to push people to be creative and come to work… Paid according to the work done, no fixed salary, keeping 10% for the company’s hedonistic projects

The Pluralism of methods rule :
find technical solutions for social problems, Us online tools instead of meetings to collaborate and find solutions. Go for the most popular tools and not the more sophisticated ones, so anyone can use them (shared agendas, collaborative tools and blogs…)

The fixed ideas rule :
live up to your intellectual obsessions. Express and defend wildest ideas and obsessions.

The Responsabilities without hierarchies rule :

each project has to have on person in charge, but it can be anybody. The majority decides which one can be pursued and managed.

The Power of procrastination rule :
Don’t try to be too efficient. Good ideas will adapt and be productive even if you leave them aside for a time.

Marketing by Feuilleton

No advertising, no PRs, if you do something interesting, talk about it and it will get known fast.

>> Stephanie’s notes about the speech

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Super humans with micro chips in their body ?

This morning, listening to the first speech (Kevin Warwick, the British « cyborg » researcher who implanted a microchip in his body will tell us about his pioneering experiments), we hear that the human body will be able to extend for thousand of km around the world using the web. With a chip in his nervous system, Kevin Warwick actually was able to transmit electrical pulses on the web to make a robot move the same way on the other side of the Altantic. He did the same with his wife and they were able to experience in their brain what the other one was doing with his arm ! That sounds quite exciting knowing that the next step is to try doing the same thing with a chip directly set into the brain…

This is intended to do researches to help people suffering from brain diseases or missing limbs, but, as Kevin Warwich put it, it could open new perspectives to communication between human beings : what do you think of communicating emotions, feelings, thoughts directly to the other’s brain ?
I don’t know if I like the idea, right now, but it sounds quite exciting…

Anyway, we come back to yesterday’s speech about lies… How will it be possible to be « creatively » lying if anybody can read my thoughts :-) ?

>> Read Stephanie’s post on the speech

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Notre téléphone mobile : ami ou ennemi dans le futur?

Présent à Lift, une série de conférences passionnantes sont consacrées à notre futur technologique… Une chose me fascine :

à quel point on nous promet un futur dans lequel notre téléphone portable sera la colonne vertébrale de notre connection à notre réseau privé, professionnel ou autre…

D’un côté, Pierre Bellanger nous explique comment notre téléphone pourra envoyer des information sur nos déplacements, nos activitiés et les personnes que nous fréquentons aux personnes de notre réseau … et tout ceci sans que nous en soyons conscients ! De l’autre, Genevieve Bell décrit combien les humains ont besoin de pouvoir mentir sur ce qu’ils sont, ce qu’ils font … et avec qui !

Si le monde virtuel nous permet d’être à peu près n’importe qui et de mentir sur ce que nous sommes réellement (avatar!?), le monde réel ne nous lâchera pas… à travers la présence du numérique et son flux de données…

Comment allons-nous mentir dorénavant ;-)

L’informatique nous pousse à réfléchir à défendre nos données personnelles, à défendre notre vie privée, mais en même temps, nous avons besoin de communiquer de manière répétitive et frénétique avec notre réseau… Le réseau se nourrit d’ailleurs de ce genre d’interaction et ne tolère pas celles et ceux qui refusent de communiquer à leur propos. La seule manière de survivre à ce paradoxe, c’est de mentir, inventer, créer, communiquer à travers d’autres vie numériques pour alimenter notre image virtuelle et dans le but de préserver notre intimité « physique »…

>> un article intéressant (voir dans la deuxième partie) qui traite notamment de la créativité dont certains peuvent faire preuve lors qu’ils cherchent à flirter et rencontrer un partenaire via le web (cf simulation et dévoilement)

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First post at Lift ’08

Cool ! I just started blogging at Lift ’08 in Geneva !

Attending a blogging workshop at UniMail, in Geneva, on Thursday Feb. 6th 2008, I have the opportunity to publish my first post ever !

Coming to Lift is every year a nice experience as you can meet interesting « geeks » and network a lot. As a new student in IUG, running for a MA in Media and Communication, I’m very interested in that way of communicating.

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