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How do you use social media at work?

A recent study of People-onthego stresses the importance of social media at work. Elements of this study are commented on FastCompany blog by Adrian Ott.

Thus we learn (as we experience it everyday… right?!) that people tend to check their personal email inbox more often than their professional one … at work. If you add up checking Facebook and LinkedIn profiles, it seems that professional activity online is far behind than personal stuff. Top management is equally mixing professional and personal activity, by the way…

Do we have to conclude that Generation Y is less likely to be focused on professional activity than older generations? I would not put it that way. Indeed I tend to think that Generation Y, for example, developed new communication and networking strategies that involve professional and personal spheres as well. Then, this cannot only be identified as a loss of productivity for the company but the development of the kind of skills from which companies can gain substantial benefits in the long term. In this perspective, Adrian Ott writes :

Although some companies block social media, I believe that this is overkill. There are many benefits to social media that companies cannot ignore in areas such as customer relationships, collaboration and market research. For business-to-business providers, employees and executives are the customer making social media interaction a necessity.

Which of the following « inboxes » do you check regularly?
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