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How about Government 2.0?

liftAt Lift conference, Olivier Glassey gave a talk about eGovernment on the open stage. As an employee in public administration, I was interested by his point of view on what web 2.0 can impact a government’s action… Here are a short summary of suggested ideas :

When talking about functions of the state, what are we looking at?
– sovereignty, welfare, education, economic development

In the recent past, governments used technology to do : Electronic Data processing, Performance Management, Web 1.0 / online content and eServices Delivery… Well, doing the same thing as usual… but online…

Right now… what can we expect from the use of technology in governmental action ?
– Transparency and User experience ? (how to communicate about what judiciary and executive power do…)
– Participation ? (at the legislative level)

So, that’s more about campaigning, lobbying, monitoring, benchmarking, policy making, polling, petitioning… eReferendums and eInitiatives in Switzerland and maybe even a wiki-Constitution in Geneva…

Governement 2.0 is an empty word… it is more about politics 2.0, digital governance, eParticipationnouvo

To see the video of this short presentation: website or ! (open stage – Olivier Glassey)

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