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As a follow-up of my previous post about measuring benefits of corporate blogging for an organization, here is a presentation by Giacomo Manson and Pier Luca Santoro (Italian consultants – slideshare presentation in Italian for those of you who feel comfortable enough with Dante’s language) which tries to identify and measure benefits of internal blogs.

Among criteria which are used to measure the internal blog success, we find obvious facts and less obvious one :

  • Page visits
  • Number of meetings not held because of internal blog efficiency in conveying the right information
  • Measuring staff knowledge about updated corporate information
  • Creation of workgroup pages to spread specific communication
  • Number of project achieved
  • Feedback on employees satisfaction (through comments)
  • Decrease in internal phone conversations and sent e-mails
  • Degree of employees’ involvment in corporate daily life
  • Efficiency and speed of exchanging information inside the organization

This very valuable presentation is quite comprehensive in my opinion in the way it lists costs and benefits of an internal corporate blog. Moreover, by giving tools to measure the efficiency of such a communication channel, it helps communicators promote blogging as a real part of business life… not just a geek’s addiction.

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    It’s EXACTLY the kind of document I was looking for! I have the project to implement an intern corporate blog (as well as a public corporate blog) to have better workflows with our … Italian associates! So this slideshow in Italian is the perfect tool for me !

    Thank you very much and looking forward to seeing you again at LIFT 09 :-)
    If you are implementing – or planning to – such a tool, the conversation could be interesting.


    • 2

      jcanex said,

      Hi Claudia! Looking forward to seeing you again at Lift! I’ll be happy to share with you about this topic… I’m trying to implement such a tool in public administration … that’s quite a challenge… even if some things are actually moving in the right direction :-) See you soon!

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    pedroelrey said,

    Very glad that you found it interesting and helpfull.
    Best Regards.
    Pier Luca

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