Social media is alive and kicking!

As Simple Minds put it, social media is alive and kicking.


On Techcrunch, Erick Schonfeld‘s comment on ComScore worldwide traffic stats from Sept. 2007 to Nov. 2008 is giving a good idea of social media’s rise.

If Facebook’s number of total unique visitors is always on the rise (not really surprising…), blogging plateforms like wordpress and Blogger are doing well. But more relevant in my opinion is the persistent presence of websites like Flickr, MySpace or Scribd (see Scribd stats for 2007-2008) in this top 20. Indeed, more people throughout the world are willing to share documents, pictures, videos, presentations (slideshare…) freely online, the web becoming a giant collaborative wiki.

This looks quite exciting isn’t it ? … and this wasn’t really pointed out in the 2009 web trends so far…

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  1. 1

    Daniel Moldoveanu said,

    And it’s taking more and more of our time…time we don’t have…
    The more people on the internet, the more virtual our reality gets…

  2. 2

    Glenn said,

    Facebook does seeem like the undisputed leader. Will anyone ever overtake them? It could happen, look at Yahoo ten years ago before Google came along…

    • 3

      jcanex said,

      I tend to think that, after all, Facebook could a generational kind of fashion… taken over by millennials and probably left out for new spaces by the next…

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