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Blogging opportunities in time of crisis

Following my last post about 2008 Forrester Research survey and how corporate blogs are not trusted to get information on the web, I’ve been reading marketers’ ideas of how blogging can help manage corporate image without too much investment in time of financial stress.compendium

On his blog, Chris Baggott (CEO of Compendium Blogware) explains how communicators can make the best of blogging in 2009… Here are some choice cuts :

this is why there is so much momentum for investment in a Corporate Blogging Strategy.   Both B2B as well as Retail Marketers are learning that it’s content that drives search results and prospect engagement.   Whoever has more content thats both recent and frequently updated wins.

Blocking and Tackling simply means empowering your employees to talk about what they are doing…the products, the customers, the service….as Cramer said:  « You talk about your day ».

It [Business blogging]’s highly efficient because the blog content is frequent and free.   The ROI is easily measurable when compared to pay per click or any of your other traffic generating strategies.

hire_journalistsChris Baggott cannot be completly wrong… and if we look at new media next hiring opportunities, according to Jim Turner‘s last post (Bloggers for Hire), journalists (or any good blog writer in my opinion) may be the first beneficiaries of that trend serving as excellent bloggers for corporations in the very near future…

Blogging’s not dead… it may even be much alive and full of potential ;-)

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A matter of trust

According to a 2008 Forrester Research Inc. survey, people don’t trust corporate blogs to get trustworthy information.

The « people I know » or « friends’ friends » network is perceived as being able to deliver quality (credible) news about an organization in the contrary of a business blog.

To change that perception of a PR-written or ghost-written blog  for only marketing purpose, here are a few advices to manage a corporate blog :

  • First, as Dave Kellogg (CEO of Mark Logic Corporation) puts it : go real or go home ! There is not point in pretending blogging if no creativity and a certain degree of freedom of expression is allowed…
  • Then, Josh Catone adds that if you want a real conversation and comments on your blog, don’t just republish press releases, already public news, or strictly business topics related to core product line. I experience it every day in my organization… you rarely find interesting stuff on the internal channel of communication but press releases or administrative (boring) information. This way you won’t find your audience…
  • Josh Catone also specifies that a corporate blog should target customers’ needs (or employees’ needs in the case of an internal blog) and not just the management’s concerns. Besides, corporate blogging should also be part of the corporate culture and everyone should be encouraged to blog in the organization. The type of content which is then published can be a good (and true) reflection of the company’s life and values… and as such, generate a real conversation with its stakeholders.

>> Josh Catone’s 15 Companies That Really Get Corporate Blogging

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Internal blog success

As a follow-up of my previous post about measuring benefits of corporate blogging for an organization, here is a presentation by Giacomo Manson and Pier Luca Santoro (Italian consultants – slideshare presentation in Italian for those of you who feel comfortable enough with Dante’s language) which tries to identify and measure benefits of internal blogs.

Among criteria which are used to measure the internal blog success, we find obvious facts and less obvious one :

  • Page visits
  • Number of meetings not held because of internal blog efficiency in conveying the right information
  • Measuring staff knowledge about updated corporate information
  • Creation of workgroup pages to spread specific communication
  • Number of project achieved
  • Feedback on employees satisfaction (through comments)
  • Decrease in internal phone conversations and sent e-mails
  • Degree of employees’ involvment in corporate daily life
  • Efficiency and speed of exchanging information inside the organization

This very valuable presentation is quite comprehensive in my opinion in the way it lists costs and benefits of an internal corporate blog. Moreover, by giving tools to measure the efficiency of such a communication channel, it helps communicators promote blogging as a real part of business life… not just a geek’s addiction.

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Corporate blogging ROI

While working on a paper about corporate blogging, I will post a few article next weeks about corporate blogging trends for the coming months. That’s also a personal concern as I work in the public administration where blogging and external or internal two way communication is definitely not a standard :-)cio_today

Today’s article was found on CIO Today website and is dealing with Corporate blogging in a Chief Information Officer’s perspective.

One important concern for an organization willing to set up a corporate blog is to see where the benefits are. In this article, the author questions issues like productivity of employees reading and posting on the blog, visibility of the organization through such media and potential problems of adjusting a blog to the general communication concept.

I found this quite relevant to start asking the right questions about corporate blogging… and I will go and meet my boss right away :-)

Further readings :

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Efficiency vs truth

Yesterday, I was listening to a radio show dedicated to Science called « Impatience » on the Swiss national broadcast ( They invited a French philosopher called Michel Puech to talk about his new book « Homo sapiens technologicus » which deals with the integration of technology in human societies and related changes or challenges for the future.

On part of the interview was dealing with the fact that our society had chosen technology over Science… This has the following consequence that technology leads to Efficiency while Science is pursuing Truth.

Michel Puech does not seem to judge positively or negatively this fact, but pretends we have to be conscious of that choice. It does not yield the same results, obviously…

One thing is sure nowadays, among professionals communicators and marketers : efficiency is the master word… but what about truth ?

This maybe interesting to question that option for the near future, isn’t it?

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Webdesign collaborative handbook

woork_handbookJust a few lines to write about a blogging experience which lead to the writing of a very useful handbook… if you’re into webdesign… naturally :-)

Antonio Lupetti, engineer and pro blogger, wrote very comprehensive information about webdesign and programming on his blog and organized it in a freely downloadable book on scribd plateform.

As Antonio Lupetti puts it, it’s a collaborative experience in the way that this book is a result of comments and reactions to his blog posts about webdesign and programming on the web. It certainly enhanced the content of this book and the result is quite useful (and free) !

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Social media is alive and kicking!

As Simple Minds put it, social media is alive and kicking.


On Techcrunch, Erick Schonfeld‘s comment on ComScore worldwide traffic stats from Sept. 2007 to Nov. 2008 is giving a good idea of social media’s rise.

If Facebook’s number of total unique visitors is always on the rise (not really surprising…), blogging plateforms like wordpress and Blogger are doing well. But more relevant in my opinion is the persistent presence of websites like Flickr, MySpace or Scribd (see Scribd stats for 2007-2008) in this top 20. Indeed, more people throughout the world are willing to share documents, pictures, videos, presentations (slideshare…) freely online, the web becoming a giant collaborative wiki.

This looks quite exciting isn’t it ? … and this wasn’t really pointed out in the 2009 web trends so far…

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