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A (brave) new mobile world

An article from the Guardian’s website focused on the rise of mobile phone use in the world :

Half world’s population ‘will have mobile phone by end of year’

United Nations communications chief says booming market in developing countries will see global usage pass 50%

This strongly questions the way we communicate through the web today. Even if plateforms like twitter is already a sign of this evolution, it does not provide real content yet, in my opinion.

I’m looking forward to reading and watch more and more valuable information on my mobile phone even if I consider it a lot less comfortable to use a small-size screen (we’re used to these fancy 19 to 21 inches display now, aren’t we?).

Some of the 2009 technology trends mentioned in previous posts clearly deal with this mobile issue. This promises a wider use of the web and a low-cost access for some users who weren’t familiar with it or could not afford to buy a computer. This evolution will probably take a determinant part in the rise of user generated content on websites…

By the way…, even The New York Times opens its web front page to outside content … interesting evolution, isn’t it!

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