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Network against crisis

Going through a Trendsspotting presentation on Slideshare about social media influencers’ predictions for 2009, I would like to focus on Dr. Taly Weiss first slide (Nb 17 in the presentation) :talyweiss_socialtrends2009

I personally like the idea that, in time of crisis, the only way to make it through is to be part of a community. Not only Social Network will provide social support to victims of the crisis, just like any human communities have been doing for ages, but I believe it is now possible to rely on a powerful multi-network support to find opportunities and relief.

Think how helpful your LinkedIn and Facebook network can be to find a new job, a new appartement or a new training opportunity, but also how websites like the Swiss-French can help connect people willing not to spend too much money… This crisis, like the next ones, is a great chance to create interest and opportunity based networks to be stronger in difficult times. And maybe, social networking will not seem so superficial to some people after all :-)

Read also :
3 reasons why digital will triumph in the downturn by Tom Hespos

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Targeting Millennials

Last October, Annie Waite (on wrote about the way communicators should change their approach to targetinternal_comms millennials (those born between 1982 and 2001) instead of the baby boomers… This post was inspired by the results of a survey conducted by Genesys on how millennials call for another type of communication to be addressed by organizations.

To understand better what millennials are made of, respondents were asked the following questions (below, mostly picked answers):
« In your opinion, what do you consider to be the most distinctive characteristics of Millennials? » Select up to 3.

  • Ease with technology: 74%
  • Willingness to challenge convention and standard business practices: 38%
  • Innovation and fresh ideas: 32%
  • Interest in building relationships, teams and networks: 30%
  • Represents a large and growing market: 28%
  • Comfort communicating feedback: 20%
  • Commitment to social causes: 18%

« What techniques do you believe are most effective in targeting Millennials? » Select up to 3.

  • Participate in viral marketing and peer-to-peer recommendation sites: 41%
  • Sponsor or advertise in areas populated by Millennials (eg, extreme sports, music venues, chat rooms, social networking sites): 36%
  • Delivering great product at a great price: 35%
  • Focus not only on Millennials but also on their key influencers (eg, parents, peers): 30%
  • Contribute to social causes that Millennials support: 28%
  • Contribute to corporate or issue blogs: 21%
  • Wireless text messaging: 21%

These are certainly keys to manage effective communication with (future) new consumers or employees and will probably shape interactions beetween different stakeholders of many organizations, but let’s not forget, in my opinion, those who are already left behind of new technologies or social networks as much of this evolution is done through digital conversations. Many employees in large organizations, for example, could be completely lost if such millennials oriented communication were implemented without a little bit of training and help (contribute to corporate blogs, using networking sites, wireless text messaging…).

If I strongly believe in the benefits of technology and web innovations in communication, the digital divide is there, between baby-boomers and millennials, even if I’m quite optimistic about the abilities of baby-boomers to catch up quickly, being a later baby-boomer myself (born before 1982 :-). The challenge is in the capacity of organizations to bring everyone at least to the same (average) technology level, convincing the less-experienced to take the step…

That’s my wish for 2009… Let’s make it together !

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Shoe power

If the power of symbolic acts in front of a TV camera had yet to be proven, throwing a shoe at George Bush is a perfect illustration of that. Then, add the efficiency of the web to spread such images and you’ll have a global communication phenomenon.shoe

Without judging the act in itself, we have to recognize its « resonance energy » in the perspective of George W. Bush’s action in eight years in the Arab world and beyond… It must be sad for the almost former president of the USA to be remembered for his ability to dodge :-) rather than his ability to make the world better…

The facts :

The game :

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Blogging trends

Following my previous post about web trends for 2009, I wish to focus a little more on blogging trends.

Below, you will read abstracts of different articles I found quite relevant. Blogging is certainly becoming a bit more mature every month and now there are interesting developments taking place in the blogosphere. Keeping the conversation going must be one of the main concern for everyone, but there is more to it… like influencing, networking, sharing or niche blogging…

First, an abstract of a hot trends analysis from :entrepeneurcom

In the blogosphere, the opportunity for entrepreneurs lies more in the implementation of blogs than in starting a blog-related business. “People are thirsty for knowledge and want their voices to be heard,” says Karen Jackie, a blogging expert and principal at ContentRobot. com, and starting a blog “is an easy way for small businesses to tell their story and [let customers join] the conversation.” Leveraging this powerful tool requires ongoing commitment, but blogging will become easier with evolving technology, multiauthor efforts and mergers with social networks. Says Jackie,“Blog-powered websites will phase out the lonely, static corporate website.”

Then, Strange corporation focuses on the benefit of user generated content (comments in blogs for example) :

UGC such as in blog comments, product reviews, video reviews, creative competitions, galleries, and other content has significant benefits: 1.) Brand perception – open, honest, approachable, 2.) Brand engagement – users can contribute and get involved, 3.) Brand dialogue – customers feel important and listened to, 4) Brand trust – your products/services must be good because you let users scrutinise them, 5) Value added – UGC galleries, product reviews and video reviews offer users more immersion and engagement, and 6.) Free content – your users are helping to improve your offering for free.

Darren from breaks down the top 5 trends for blogging in a short video, and he thinks blogging trends are the following :

  • Multiple bloggers producing content on the same blog
  • Trends towards more niche blogs focusing on a very specific subjects
  • Merging blogs in big websites. All sort of media and content grouped on the same spot (mashup)
  • Blogs as portals or magazines (only segments devoted to blogging and acting more as aggregation of content)
  • Indirect earning and income blogs (reach job opportunities through blogs) and money through advertising

Finally, Greg Jarboe is writing about the influence of blogs :

Now, blogs certainly aren’t considered the “newbies” of the social media scene – “granddaddies” is probably a more appropriate name. But that gives them an advantage from a marketing perspective – the medium has matured and moved from early adopter phase to the mainstream. That means more consumers are not only reading blogs; they are being influenced by blog content when it comes to what they decide to buy and who they decide to buy it from.

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Think future

… or think different ;-) in the future…

You may have come across this excellent presentation by Karl Fisch, teacher in Arapahoe High School : Did you Know?

But there’s more to it… much more ! As Karl Fisch present it on his blog « The Fischbowl », this presentation is part of a trilogy about a broad reflection on our future. In 2020 Vision, the world of education has deeply changed to a real interactive and technological world. His vision is quite exciting (even if everything is centered on the power of Google to make things happen… and as far as I’m concerned, I dream of more diversity of impulsions…) as Karl Fisch dream of us reaching a global networked community of friendship and sharing of knowledge (too optimistic you said ?!… come on… « Imagine all the people… »)!

Great vision and great enthusiasm that I’m willing to share with you!

But there’s still more :

Take some time to visit the shifthappens wikispace which will give you keys to use the Did you Know? presentation and continue the conversation about it.

Take the tour ! It’s worth it !

And as Asia once sang « Only time will tell » :-)

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A (brave) new mobile world

An article from the Guardian’s website focused on the rise of mobile phone use in the world :

Half world’s population ‘will have mobile phone by end of year’

United Nations communications chief says booming market in developing countries will see global usage pass 50%

This strongly questions the way we communicate through the web today. Even if plateforms like twitter is already a sign of this evolution, it does not provide real content yet, in my opinion.

I’m looking forward to reading and watch more and more valuable information on my mobile phone even if I consider it a lot less comfortable to use a small-size screen (we’re used to these fancy 19 to 21 inches display now, aren’t we?).

Some of the 2009 technology trends mentioned in previous posts clearly deal with this mobile issue. This promises a wider use of the web and a low-cost access for some users who weren’t familiar with it or could not afford to buy a computer. This evolution will probably take a determinant part in the rise of user generated content on websites…

By the way…, even The New York Times opens its web front page to outside content … interesting evolution, isn’t it!

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Web trends in 2009

Approaching the end of the year, many blogs and pages are dedicated to reading trends for the near future…

Among the recurrent themes we can read about :

  • The web on mobile phones (more and more pages designed for mobiles)
  • Online marketing (how will it be affected by financial breakdown…)
  • Social media evolution
  • Personalization of web experience
  • User generated content (crowdsourcing)

Some of the following articles are interesting in that perspective :


Finally, a powerpoint presentation on slideshare from Mary Meeker on internet/technology trends:

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