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Tomorrow 2.0

Tomorrow is 2.0… everybody will tell you so (especially your geek friends using all this collaborative tools on the web). But, let’s face it, we’re already part of Today 2.0, as Sarah Perez reminds us in her article. If you want to find the right job… you better read this quickly and follow the links… it’s a matter of survival :-)

No kidding, this is a great picture of 2.0 world in businesses !

>> Businesses Can’t Hide From 2.0: A Look At 2.0’s Impact Across Industries

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Cartoon communication

Last weeks, it was difficult to avoid Google’s massive communication about its brand new browser.
Like it or not… it’s a fact… Google’s very good at marketing its products :-)

Besides numerous articles about how simple life will be with Chrome, you can also read the story about the creation of Google’s new hit in a cartoon (here is the pdf version). This is a brilliant illustration of the power of narration and cartoons (not only for kids, by the way!). You can come back to one of my previous post to read again about Dave Gray’s analysis of cartoonist’s communication skills.
Old-fashioned media having such an impact! I must say this makes me happy… it’s going « back to basics »!
It would be rather sad to imagine the future of communication reduced to or I love cartoon stories and so lots of us do… fortunately! The expression power of this kind of media is often underestimated nowadays…

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