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Marketing and social media

Just a few words about two studies that I found quite relevant on marketing and social media, in relation with previous posts :

SocialMedia Network’s CEO, Seth Goldstein, made a rather audacious statement at the IAB Social Media conference today: “Social Media is killing internet advertising”.

This gives a good idea of how social media change the way marketing works on the internet and how we don’t address people the same way on Facebook than on traditional websites (advertising loudness). A chart of the evolution of online advertising is quite interesting in that perspective.

Besides, an article (in French) describes how Hublot (Swiss watch brand) entered Second Life and how marketing on a virtual island is not always a success if you really didn’t think about the concept…
After a year of presence on Second Life, the journalist’s report about Hublot’s virtual position is not very positive. Obviously the watch industry’s First Life is a lot more exciting than its Second One :-)

One last link : seven tips to succeed with advertising campaign on the web (in French)

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