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Communication visuelle – visual communication

In English : reading Dave Gray’s blog, I found great to come back to basics about visual communication. There you can find plenty of videos and articles about that topic. You will find some of them listed below

Les nouveaux médias ont révolutionnés notre façon de lire l’information. L’image et la communication visuelle a pris une importance considérable et nous ne sommes pas tous égaux face à ce type de langage. Dave Gray, dans son blog, parle d’illettrisme visuel en ce qui concerne la plupart d’entre nous et il s’emploie, dans plusieurs articles et vidéos publiés sur son blog, à nous donner les bases pour mieux comprendre ce type de communication. Ci-dessous, j’ai choisi quelques thématiques que je trouve particulièrement bien traitée :

Enfin, deux lectures qui complètent les précédents articles sur les médias sociaux et la communication en général:

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Web 2.0 and social networking digest

Reading an article by George Siemens (Making Sense Of New Technologies And Media: An Opinionated Digest) I found some parts of his digest quite interesting :

  • Being Nomad : he reports about an article published in The Economist which asks the question about the reality of « being here » vs « being connected ». The paradox is quite interesting to read about and gives a hint of what our future could be like, and how it may change the way we talk about communication…
  • How much time does Web 2.0 take? : I never really thought about it but this article tries to quantify different web 2.0 activities. Maybe, I should ask myself the question after reading this : how much time can I afford communicating on the web?
  • The future of social networking : or how our mobile devices will help us remember distant friends or relatives
  • Here is also a great presentation about social networking (E-business presentation) which will be a good counterpart to the article above.

    Besides, you may find the following articles quite complementary to previous posts about corporate blogging:

  • Examples of great company blogs
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    Trends in social media

    Here is a great presentation about Internet trends 2008 by Morgan Stanley (Financial advisors). It illustrates perfectly what everybody feels about social media and the future of the web.

  • presentation on Slideshare
  • presentation in pdf format on
  • For more about it, take time to read the following articles :

  • LinkedIn vs Facebook : 6 months later
  • The Facebook plateform is biased toward « fun » apps
  • Facebook vs Asia’s top social network
  • Enjoy it !

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