Corporate communication issues

Here are a list of useful links (and extracts) to articles dealing with communication problems in organizations. They are good complements to previous posts on the same topic:

  • Corporate blogging rules: when it comes to setting rules about corporate blogs, I like this way of seeing things

    1. Don’t blog about something you are privy to (upcoming products, organizaional structure changes – good or bad)
    2. Don’t talk about other companies unless you have permission to do so & when/if you do, those facts are correct.
    3. Be courtious & Professional: if you wouldn’t say it to their face, don’t say it at all.
    4. If you think you will get fired for saying it, you probably will.

  • Internal comms vital for innovation:

    The study, called The changing face of marketing and communications in today’s creativity economy, shows that 70% of high-level managers believe good internal communication is fundamental to promoting innovation among employees

  • The next frontier in employee communication:

    The key benefit of social media tools is to help employees actively participate in creating and sharing information.

  • Poor communication stopping business change:

    More communication is needed to overcome resistance from middle managers and employees to lean business innovation, according to a survey of 2,500 businesspeople conducted by the Lean Management Institute (LEI).

  • Bad communication wastes employees’ time, survey says: research shows poor office relations and unnecessary e-mails soak up workers’ time.
  • Your Communication Style Makes You or Breaks You: how to improve your e-mail communication with your clients by following some basic rules.

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