Benefits of implementing a wiki in an organisation

While looking for examples of successful implementation of wikis inside organisations, I read an interesting article on about « Boosting teamwork with wikis« .

This show the real benefits on teamwork a company can get from wikis. I also describes the obstacles to overcome in order to implement it successfully.

Below are a few quotes from the article that are relevant in my opinion to understand the problem :

« The biggest reason that we’re switching is that the wiki is easier to use, » says Rosen. « If employees see a better way to organize or present information, they can just go ahead and do it with a wiki.

As with many contentious entries on Wikipedia, the two sides edited each other’s decisions repeatedly until they came to a compromise: The orders could go in both categories. « It forced everybody to learn about each other’s job, » says Rosen. « That benefits us in the long run. »

Finally, don’t forget to visit Wikimatrix to help you choose what wiki’s good for you!

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